Soak in a Good Story

A box full of bookish and bathish delights awaits! Draw a luxurious bath using finely selected bath products, then leave your stress behind as you step into the tub and onto the pages of your next favorite literary adventure!  

ORDER NOW: "Time & Space" Winter 2018

Boxes ship in January, April, July, and October.

New Small Box Options


Besides smelling amazing and fitting the box's theme, all bath products used for Book Bath Box will be cruelty-free. 


Have allergies or dietary restrictions? You can list these when you subscribe, and Winx will find alternative products for you, if needed.

SFF focused

Book Bath Box doesn't hold to any specific genre, but as Winx reads predominantly Sci-Fi and Fantasy, those are the main genres featured in the box.

100% self-care

Most of all, Book Bath Box is all about self-care! Each box is curated to provide the most relaxing and recharging experience possible.

What is Book Bath Box about?

Book Bath Box is all about self-care. Winx is the owner and creator of Book Bath Box. She started planning her own elaborately themed "book baths" as the ultimate self-care attack against the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. She began sharing this hobby on social media and Booktube, and it quickly became clear that the people of the Internet were interested! Shortly thereafter, Book Bath Box was born. 

The guiding mission for Book Bath Box is to spread a love of reading, to encourage self-care, and to cultivate joy with each book bath experience.

How It Works

1. Set your preferences

Order single boxes from the shop, or subscribe and choose from three term options. If you subscribe, you can also list any allergies or dietary restrictions you have.

2. We curate your box

We will work tirelessly to test product combinations and find the perfect set of goodies for that quarter's theme. We then package them all up with love and pretty wrapping.

3. Enjoy your book bath

We ship boxes in January, April, July, and October. Once your box arrives, it's time step into the tub and onto the pages of your next great read!

What's inside the box?

Each box has it's own theme, based on that quarter's book, and all the items inside reflect the theme and elements of the book itself. The books included are all hand-selected by Winx. If you watch her Booktube channel, you have an idea of her tastes, but it's safe to say that the books will have SFF leanings. 

The bath products included will always be cruelty-free. Each box will also include two or more extra goodies to bring your book bath to the next level!

Winx also does her best to find alternative products for those with allergies. You can list your allergies and dietary restrictions when you subscribe. :)


What people say about Book Bath Box

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