What's Inside?

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Watch for details on the Autumn 2017 "Fantastic Familiars" box!

Summer 2017

Winx & Ink

This box celebrated Book Bath Box's first birthday and everything that went into making it a reality! "Winx & Ink" is the name of Winx's YouTube channel, and it's where the idea for the box began. This box included:


Spring 2017

Diversity in Space

This box was celebrating diverse voices in science fiction! The "Diversity in Space" box included:

  • The Book - Behind the Throne by K. B. Wagers
  • The Bath - Northern Lights bath bomb by KiyiKiyi
  • The Extras: Tea - Traditional Masala Chai by Blue Lotus Chai
  • The Extras: Tea Cozy - Pride cozy by Fandemonium Fibers
  • The Extras: Incense and Tray - Nag Champa incense with "moon and stars" burning tray

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